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Meet the Spiritual Teacher

Meet the Spiritual Teacher

Hi I’m Cydney Hopkins, creator of The Spiritual Baddie. I use this platform to help women heal & unlock their divine goddess nature by using my own real life experiences. I have gone through a lifetime of traumatic events, trials & initiations that have transformed me into my most powerful, authentic self. I alchemized my pain into power and use what I’ve learned to teach women how to stop people pleasing, walk in their purpose, heal, live abundantly & embody their inner God like self.

Healing is not a destination but a journey. My goal has never been perfection. It’s always been to learn to love myself out loud through every stage of life. The person I was at 16 is not who I am at 23. Who I become at 33 will be even more different. The ability to embrace myself through every stage and forgive myself for the ways I’ve fallen short is how I’ve been able to heal. I poured all of my love into myself and in turn, God poured all of his love into me. Filling myself with so much love and getting love from the divine has started a domino effect that allows me to comfortably love others without attaching myself to anyone or anything.

I remind people that self love is the highest vibration. LOVE IS the highest vibration there is. Loving yourself authentically and accepting yourself as the unique being that you are is how you become one with the universe. You are the universe and everything in it. The love you have for yourself is the love you get back from the universe because you are the creator of YOUR universe. What goes around, comes around. What you put out, you get back. Sometimes with interest. Always remember to hold your self worth and value very high. Love yourself above anything else and never attach your value to materials, places, things or people. Love yourself completely naked and raw. Doing this allows you to live in a constant state of flow and attract whatever it is that you truly desire. It also puts you a position to reflect that same love back out into the world creating that domino effect of healing the world so desperately needs. Yes, hurt people do hurt people but healed people can HEAL people. If we all heal and learn to place love of self above all else the Earth will never stop healing and we we can all live in state of true abundance. At least most of the time.

If you’re interested in booking a 1 on 1 Intuitive Healing Session with me please follow this link below. 


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