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What is Goddess Energy and How Can You Tap Into It?

What is Goddess Energy and How Can You Tap Into It?

Goddess energy is typically associated with a powerful feminine energy that is supposed to be embraced and celebrated. I see it as a divine energy that comes straight from God. Truthfully, all women are born with the goddess nature already inside of us. It’s our birth right to possess that level of power. How? -Because our womb is a sacred space that is directly connected to the most high. It’s our source of life and where we hold our power. It’s how life is created and destroyed. God gave us the gift to create life inside of us just as he created this world. This gives us a direct link to our creator. Even women who are not able to or do not want to go through child birth still hold this powerful energy inside of them. 

Think of women’s intuition if you will. Our intuition watches over us just as God watches over us. I like to think my intuition is God himself. He is directly speaking to me and guiding me through life every single day. If that isn’t a direct connection to source then I don’t know what is. Like I said before, all women have this inside of us; however the women who take the time to connect more with herself and God are able to increase their spiritual gifts such as, being intuitive. 

How can you increase your spiritual gifts and further unlock the Goddess within? I provided a list of a few vital steps on how to further tap into this energy and connect more with the divine, below: 

Sacral Work - Your Sacral Chakra is the bright orange chakra of sexuality, creativity and pleasure. It’s located just below your belly button. The Sanskrit word for this chakra is Svadhisthana. If you break this word into two words you have Sva meaning “self”. And adhisthana meaning “dwelling place”. So you can describe this chakra as the dwelling place of one’s self. You can keep this chakra open by eating healthy, being active whether that’s exercising, yoga, stretching or dancing & doing shadow work on your sacral. Below I have attached some sacral affirmations and writing prompts from that can benefit you in keeping this chakra open. 

Meditation - Mediation is a vital part of spirituality, healing & increasing your gifts as a Goddess. It has personally helped me heal from traumatic life events and increase my intuition drastically. There are meditations that you can do that are specifically for unblocking your sacral chakra and increasing your creativity. Here are links to my favorites:


Yoga, Dance & Exercise - Getting your body moving is important regardless of what journey you’re on. When I started my celibacy journey last year I found myself with a blockage in my lower chakras because I was no longer tapped into my sexuality. This caused me to be out of touch with my creativity in a major way. I felt unmotivated and lazy. How I unblocked these lower chakras and got my creativity back was by doing deep stretching, yoga and lots and LOTS of dancing. This is the easiest thing you can do to release stored energy and get those creative juices back flowing. 😉 Here is a link to a yoga instructor that I enjoy & will assist you in getting unblocked.


Eat Healthy - Self explanatory, right?


Be Creative - Goddesses thrive when they are allowed space to be creative. Not everything in life is about working hard, hustling & grinding. As a Goddess you need to be able to rest in your feminine energy (which is creativity) and just exist without the pressure of being perfect. What is something you enjoy doing that allows you to be creative? For me it’s writing & creating content for my YouTube. For some of you it could be painting, drawing, sewing, graphic design etc. Most likely it’s the thing you fell in love with as a child and were forced to forget about. Whatever that thing is do more of it! Creativity is an essential part of this journey because it grants you the ability to do something that feels good to YOU without the fear of failure. It helps you tap into the inner child (maiden) side of you which is important for Goddesses to hold onto. Never let the child in you die for this world. Protect it but allow it a chance to come out and play every now and then.


Study the Goddesses - There are so many Goddesses that came before us and live inside of all us. They come to you when you’re ready however there’s nothing wrong with learning about them and finding out which ones you relate to the most. You will be surprised to find that allot of their stories are similar to ours. Goddess Reclaimed by SYMA KHARAL is an amazing book that has guided me through the journey and taught me to reconnect with my true self. I recommend this book any woman who feels she is ready to embark on this journey. You can find the amazon link here: 


Tapping into your Goddess Energy can be used to empower and bring healing, balance, and joy into your life. You have the power within you to create and manifest your dreams and desires. It is YOUR birthright. We are all connected and we all have the potential to create something beautiful out of our lives and the world around us. Take the time to connect with this powerful energy and let it guide you towards manifesting your dreams.

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